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  Welcome Trademark Design

Welcome trademark design division of Sounding Intellectual Property Counsel Sino Co. Ltd. We offer design and consult services including tradenames (company names), brand names, trademarks, service marks, logos, slogans, etc.

In the high pressure, competitive world of business, a new or small company needs the extra marketing edge to succeed. A good tradename and/or its logo can supply the general public with effective, high impacting advertising material that will reach out and grab their attention and shape its corporate out from other business. Unfortunately, not all trademarks are as good as above. Although many domestic companies have the same problem, it seems more serious to foreign corporate that wants to enter into Chinese market for language barrier and culture difference reason. This is the reason many international corporations have their own Chinese version trademark. For example, Coca-Coca® is 可口可乐. McDonald's? is 麦当劳.

Our professional trademark and logo designers and illustrators create corporate identities and trademarks and are also expert at re-touching and freshening up your current trademark and logo. Your trademark/logo can be used for your web site and any printed medium you wish. We will provide the opportunity for you to have a new identity at an affordable rate.

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Please let us know what you need, and we will contact with you as soon as we can.
0086-21-65530729(English) 65520691


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