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Work Development of Fujian Trademark Application Reception Window

Fujian AIC actively responded to SAIC’s measures on promoting trademark registration facilitation reform, encouraged competent regions to apply for trademark application reception windows before Trademark Office. Since 2017, Trademark Office respectively approved the establishment of windows in Zhangzhou, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Nanping to receive trademark consultations and applications, which comprehensively facilitated applicants especially SMEs to handle trademark issues at the nearest place, greatly promoted trademark and brand development, and won the wide appraisal from public and full confirmation by vice governor Li Dejin. By November 30, there were totally 1805 trademark applications received and about 3000 consultations provided, 5 trademark rights pledges recorded involving 65.2 million yuan.

  I. Actively Compete and Plan for the Establishment of Trademark Application Windows.

  Fujian AIC treated the establishment of trademark application reception windows as the government’s listing project, and encouraged competent regional AICs to apply before Trademark Office. Major leaders of local governments and AICs actively coordinate the staff assignments, work payment, work place and office equipment. Each window formulated scientific and reasonable work flow and method to ensure the proper configuration of hardware, the accurate instruction of applications, and the proper identification of problems.

  II. Strengthening Promotions to Improve Public Understanding and Influence.

  Make use of radio, TV, newspaper, internet and LED media to promote SAIC’s Opinions on Strongly Promoting Trademark Registration Facilitation Reform and to enlarge policy influence. Combing March 15 activity and April 26 activity, to help public strengthen the understanding and awareness on Trademark Law, and to comprehensively exhibit the windows’ duties and services. By utilizing newspaper, TV, internet, AIC wechat to publicize the establishment of windows, push relevant information for enlarging enterprises and public awareness.

  III. Making strict management to normalize the operation of windows.

  It selected backbones to participate in Trademark Office’s training for getting familiar with relevant flow and regulations and building relevant working mechanism. It formulated Trademark Application Service Standard, Trademark Application Window Service Guideline, Trademark Application Window Application Reception Notification Document, Trademark Application Staff Standard Work Flow to ensure the operation of windows.

  IV. Providing Passionate Service to Improve Work Efficiency.

  To facilitate applicants, it established trademark retrieval software and provide service to applicant without charge. It exhibited Notification Document, Service Guideline and model forms at the front desk for applicants’ review. It set up Trademark Retrieval platform in application hall and assign one to one service to applicants. It established public computers for applicants to input and print application documents. It notified in government web and AIC portal relevant materials, forms, work flows and contact phones. It opened email for pre-reception and greatly facilitated applicants.

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